Get To Know A Crusader – Harry Earley

How long have you been playing basketball and how did you get into it?

“I originally played football and then after I got released from Tottenham when I was 11, I fell out of love with the game so looked for a new sport to play. I started playing basketball when I was in year 8, through the house cup competition in school. After the tournament, Mr Parry approached me and asked me to start coming to training and I quickly found a passion for the sport.”

What’s been your favourite basketball memory so far?

“I have a few, I can’t pick one, the first was the Year 11 Kent finals NTC vs Canterbury, it was a tight game the whole way through and we ending up winning by 4 points in a back and forth last quarter. Also, reaching the national quarterfinals with Crusaders under 14 and under 16 team I played for. Lastly reaching the ABL playoffs last year with NTC.”

How have you been keeping fit and improving your skills in the lockdowns?

“I have been doing a few 3k or 5km runs per week as well as doing various bodyweight workout circuits.”

What are your goals for basketball over the next 3 years?

“My goals for basketball would be to play Men’s Division 2 and on a personal note become a more consistent shooter and be the best teammate I can be.”

You have been at Northfleet Technology College since year seven and will leave the academy this year after completing a third year in sixth form. How has your experience been?

“The overall experience has been amazing, I will leave NTC with so many happy memories and friendships on and off of the court. I feel so privileged that I have been on two basketball tours (Madrid and Boston) that the school have put on and many other opportunities that the school have offered and allowed me to have is very humbling. I will always be thankful to Mr Parry and various coaches that I have had over the years!”

Favourite shoe?  Kyrie 2’s

Best player you have played against? Cameron Hildreth

Favourite basketball player? Demar DeRozan

What NBA team do you support? San Antonio Spurs

Would you rather be a dunker or shooter? Shooter

Xbox or PlayStation? PlayStation

Lastly, first to 11, make it take it, you have to ref. Coach Parry versus Coach Dunne in a 1v1, who wins?

Damnnn! That’s tough! I have to say Coach Parry though!