Get To Know A Crusader – Thom Hodgkinson

How long have you been playing basketball and how did you get into it?

I’ve played since I was 12 years old. I got into basketball because my dad heard of a local club called new house basketball and because I was quite tall for my age he took me down to give it a go. My dad also has an interest for basketball as he used to play when he was younger.

What’s been you favourite basketball memory so far?

There are two that stick out. First, when in under 16 premier with coach Billy we won the last game of the season against NASSA in a massive blow out win.

Second, the year before I was in under 16s two, playing against Folkestone, we were playing with three players and down by something like 20 and we brought it all the way back and nearly won. Despite losing that moment was one of my favourite basketball memories.

What have your been up to in the recent national lockdown?

I’ve been finishing my school work, trying to stay in shape and going to work as a COVID tester.

Tell us more about being a COVID Tester?

I test people who don’t have any symptoms of COVID and who haven’t been in contact with anyone. They come on site, go through the registration system. Then they come to me, where I’ll give them a swab, they swab their tonsils three times each both sides and they stick the swab up their nose. They then give it back to me where I process it and they get their results within 5 hours.

How have you been keeping fit and improving your skills in the lockdowns?

Staying fit is quite easy as I’ve been able to go for runs or use the spinning bike and weights in our summerhouse. However the basketball side of things has been harder, I struggle to do anything in the rain but when it’s not raining and the floor isn’t stupidly wet then I go out into my back garden and get some shots up and do some dribbling exercises. I have also been joining the academy strength and academy sessions on zoom when I’m not working.

You have been coaching with Cristina at our mini ballers and girls national league sessions, what do you enjoy about coaching and is it something you can see yourself doing more of in the future?

I love coaching because it’s something I can give back. I want to be part of the next generation of basketball player’s in the club and coach Cristina gave me that opportunity. It’s something I would like to do later on in life if other opportunities do not follow through.

Favourite shoe?  My NIKE ADAPT BB 2.0 Oreos

Favourite takeaway? Doner Kebab but now its just chips because of being vegan

Favourite basketball player? LeBron James

What NBA team do you support? San Antonio Spurs

Would you rather be a dunker or shooter? Dunker

Xbox or PlayStation? PlayStation

Lastly, if you were the coach for a local team in Kent and you could only pick either Coach Rhys or Coach Billy to play, whom would you pick?

Billy all day, everyday, any day.