Get To Know A Crusader – U16 Abdulkarim Souiad

How long have you been playing basketball and how did you get into it?

“I have been playing basketball for roughly four years. Before basketball I was a football player so in year seven I was playing football at my school, however my school’s basketball academy were looking for players for the year seven team and I decided to join. During my time in year eight I was recommended to try out for Crusaders and since then I decided to switch to basketball as my main sport.”

What’s been you favourite basketball memory so far?

“My favourite basketball memory so far has definitely being able to coach the younger kids at my school, take my skills and inspire those kids and see them have fun playing the game I love.”

What are your goals for basketball over the next 5 years?

“In the next five years I hope go to an academy for 6th form and keep basketball as a part of my life.”

Photo Credit: Crusaders

How have you been keeping fit and improving your skills in the lockdowns?

“I have been using lockdown as a time to improve myself I have been going to a local court to practise some fundamentals and shots. I have also been going for two runs a week and lifting weights to improve my strength.”

You have been coaching with Jesse at our mini ballers sessions and with your school, what do you enjoy about coaching and is it something you can see yourself doing more of in the future?

“I enjoy being able to see players improve and making them better, I also enjoy inspiring other young players, coaching is a thing I would like to do as I grow older however it may not be my first career.”

Favourite shoe? Kyrie 5s

Favourite rapper? Lil Tjay

Favourite basketball player? Allen Iverson

What NBA team do you support? Golden State Warriors

Would you rather be a dunker or shooter? Dunker

Xbox or PlayStation? Definitely PlayStation

I know you have two sisters who play basketball, so if you played 2v1 against them, first to 7 who’s wins, you or your sisters?

They would be good but me 7-4.