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Let's Play Ball !!!


  • Develop a system to allow the younger ages to access to Basketball and increase participation.
  • Host School Competitions such as our Central Open League (COL) for All Schools involved in the Program.
  • Provide Curriculum Lessons and Our Popular Breakfast, Lunchtime and After-School Sessions.
  • Providing external routes for those who wish to continue playing Basketball outside of School Session
  • Establish an Annual Mini Basketball CPD Clinic for Primary School Staff.
  • Support Staff With the Development of Basketball.
  • Based in the MEDWAY and CANTERBURY area


  1. We ensure children enjoy Let’s Play Ball sessions and want to continue to play basketball. We make sure all our sessions are fun, energetic and enthusiastic, team-building, skill-focused and challenging.
  2. We have a great development pathway for children that love our basketball sessions which include
    the following:
    • Central Open League
    • Development Hubs (Extra sessions for children to enjoy and develop their skills in basketball)
    • Holiday Camps (An opportunity to learn, grow and enjoy a fun-packed, challenging sport during the school holidays)
    • Mini ballers and Friday Night league (For Children to enjoy playing more basketball )
    • Kent Crusaders (For children ready to take the next steps in basketball and play for a team in a competitive league)
  3. We take care of all admin so your school won’t have to worry about a thing. We make sure to keep up all communication with parents, informing them of any upcoming sessions or answering any questions they may have. We are very active in promoting our club on social media and online adverts, and will also do the same for you.
  4. Punctuality and precision is part of our culture, therefore we will ensure that we will always be aiming to provide you with the best service.
Download our presentation, click  Let’s Play Ball
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