Players and Parents Resource

As you all know Kent Crusaders has had to put a pause on all training due to the nationwide lockdown. We understand and know that this can be a frustrating time for our players to be without the game that they love and enjoy. We have therefore created a resource page that will provide the players with knowledge, skills and fitness to continue to work on all aspects of their basketball game during these times.


We recommend players do two skill workouts a week and one S&C workout a week. However, if a player would like to do more than that they can, just ensure you are taking care of yourselves and recovering between sessions! Hopefully keeping to this routine provides players with everything they need to hit the ground running again when we are ready to start up training and keeps them busy during the next month or so!


Skill Workouts

 Below are some workouts to help you improve on all the skills in basketball. This can be at your local park, at home or in school lunchtimes etc. We have provided many video links below for players to watch, learn and use to improve their skills.


Dribbling and Individual Skills workouts with Coach Rhys:

Skills session lead by our academy players:

Strength and Conditioning Workouts:

 Strength and Conditioning is equally as important as the skill workouts. Players need to develop their bodies to be able to meet the demands of our sport. Basketball is a fast paced game involving complex movements that require: speed, strength, agility, power, flexibility and core strength. 

We have provided many S&C workout videos below that provide key important information and demonstrations to aid players to work on their S&C at home or at a park. Coach Toni is a qualified full time Strength and Conditioning coach who will guide you through each workout.

 Strength and Conditioning with Toni

All you need is a small space, sometimes a chair and a bag with some weight inside..